Funding Criteria

The SAGE Fund provides project support to organizations that seed promising approaches for strengthening human rights accountability in the global economy by piloting a tool or strategy; or advance the field’s understanding of key challenges or emerging issues, and identify opportunities to strengthen the human rights framework in response.  Human rights organizations or civil society organizations with a mission and programming strongly aligned with human rights are eligible, including NGOs from the Global South; networks, coalitions and project partnerships (with strong participation and leadership from the Global South); and research centers with strong links to activist practice.  International NGOs or anchor NGOs from the Global North may participate as project partners but are not intended as primary grantees. 

Thematic Cluster of Grants

During its first year of development (2015), the SAGE Fund undertook a Request for Proposals (RFP), allowing an interactive process with groups in the field to inform and help shape the focus of an initial set of grants. Outreach around the RFP process was successful in generating a strong pool of proposals; surfacing many new groups and encouraging collaboration through project partnerships; and providing a good channel for taking the “pulse” of the field by identifying trends, key themes and approaches ready for greater investment.

Several thematic clusters emerged from the pool of proposals, presenting opportunities for creating complementary sets of grants around a shared theme that could have a greater collective impact in the field. For the SAGE Fund’s first round of funding in 2015, the thematic focus is new tools for illuminating investment and supply chains to leverage greater accountability for economic actors.  A second round of grants will be made in 2016 around a theme to be cultivated from the initial pool of proposals along with updated and ongoing outreach to the field.  

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